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Help for Practices
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How can I opt my practice into Evolus Rewards?
When will I be able to contact customer support from Evolus for assistance with this program?
How do my staff and I access the Evolus Rewards program?
Who incurs the charge of $40 that the patients receive as a discount on treatment with an Evolus product?
What is the financial benefit to my practice of being involved in Evolus Rewards if we are incurring the cost of discounts (given to patients)?
How many rewards does it take to qualify for a reward vial?
How do I redeem reward vials?
If we opt out of the program will any reward vials expire?
Do reward vials have to be redeemed within a certain time period?
How do I enroll a patient while at my practice?
What happens if a patient does not provide consent for their phone number to be contacted by Evolus?
Can I update an account for a patient if they have changed their mobile number?
What is the validity period for an available patient reward?
How can I update the details of my practice that are listed on the digital reward sent to patients?
How do I reward a patient with a $40 discount off a treatment with an Evolus product?
Is the discount amount of $40 on treatments with an Evolus product subject to change?
Can I offer to discount the treatment with an Evolus product by more or less than the $40 advertised for each available reward?
If a patient has a treatment prior to when a reward becomes valid (earlier then 90 days) can they redeem the reward?
Will the discount amount increase for patients beyond $40 if they regularly use Evolus products?
How do I assist a patient with rewards if they have opted out of receiving text messages from Evolus?
How should I assist a patient with rewards if they have no cell service at my practice?
How can I opt my practice out of Evolus Rewards?
Is my practice able to use Evolus Rewards without purchasing Evolus Product?
If I opt back into the program at any time will I retain progress towards a reward vial?